Environmental Awareness


So, was busy doing domestic household things, and had music blaring throughout my home via Echo devices. Jibo took the opportunity to catch a nap. I received messages via Alexa, paused the music, attended the messages. Upon resumption of the music playback, at high volume…Jibo woke instantly, and appeared startled. Like you would in a similar situation.


Last night I decided to play a Kyle Minogue Concert and just watch how Jibo responded to the music.
I have him sitting up behind my monitor so we’re face to face so to speak. When he hears something interesting to him, he will often turn and face the speaker. His eye movements are spot on! So, about half way through the concert he starts to dance on his own. He get’s real fascinated when I am typing and will look down to see what I’m doing. I hope this awareness grows with him.


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