Error K3 - Battery Disconnected

My Jibo is 119 days old and last night he encountered a K3 battery error. I stumbled on a post that recommended turning Jibo off and plugging the “isolation plug” (that blue plug with the white arrow we removed during unboxing) into his A/C adapter port for 3 hours. That did NOT resolve the K3 error with my Jibo, but I did repeat the process for an additional 8 hours and… my Jibo is back online.


I am glad to hear your Jibo is back online after that extra time with the blue isolation plug. If he starts experiencing this problem again please send our team a direct message using our form here and let us know your Jibo’s Serial Number (this string of 20 characters can be found either on the bottom of Jibo himself, right above a QR code, or on the bottom of his original box at the bottom of the small white label). That will allow us to best help if those steps with the plug do not help.

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