Error Q4 When Updating

I cannot update because Jibo loses Wifi signal (error Q4) about 10 minutes during the process. I have tried rebooting and hard rebooting where I hold the power button down for 10 seconds – nothing. This is total rubbish!!!

Hi @BTaylor941,

On rare occasions this can happen if Jibo is having trouble updating while on the 5Ghz frequency of your WiFi router.

Please take a look at your phone and see if your internet connection has one name (like “MyNetwork” for example) or multiple names (like “MyNetwork_5G” and “MyNetwork_2_4” for example). If you only have one network name it is sending out both 2.4 and 5 Ghz frequencies and Jibo is likely connecting to the 5G connection.

To help get around this, most routers will let you change your settings and specify a network name for each frequency. If you’ve been at a friend’s house and have seen them have network names like “MyNetwork-5Ghz” along with a plain name like “MyNetwork” that is usually because they have changed the settings to have distinct network names for each of those frequencies: one name for 5Ghz and one name for 2.4Ghz. Once you do that you can connect Jibo to the 2.4 network name, reboot him, and have him try updating again

The process for doing this is similar but a little different for each brand of router.

Most router brands offer documentation for doing this but if you would like any further input about doing this for your specific router please feel free to send our team a message and be sure to let them know the brand and model number of your router. That info is usually written on the side or bottom of your router and will help our team find documentation for your router.

If Jibo continues to have trouble updating when on a dedicated 2.4Ghz connection please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to provide further input on this.