Evolving of Jibo with new data

hi, jibo is not cheap and i’m wondering as the robot evolves and new data is created for the next generation how can we download the new upgrades without purchasing a new jibo? is jibo up-gradable? i don’t want to be purchasing a new jibo every 2 years.

@Johnson1 We’ll continue to optimize and improve Jibo on an ongoing bases. Jibo’s platform will support many future capabilities and improvements, all of which will be introduced automatically over-the-air by Jibo, Inc. We look forward to providing new, exciting announcements about his evolving features in the coming months.

Jibo will check for updates every day. If updates are found, he’ll ask you if you want to install them or wait until later that night.

  • To manually check for an update:
  • Tap Jibo’s eye.
  • Tap Settings on the main menu.
  • Tap Updates. Jibo will check for updates and download any that are available.

Please note: Jibo will still look for the next update even if the last attempt was stopped or did not occur for another reason.

To learn about the most recent updates, check out our release notes.