Examples of SSA elements


Will SSA elements be supported in both text and SSML content?

If available in text, I’d appreciate example(s) in the speech style guide.

George: Do you like this song?
Jibo: yes SSA

Some actual SSA examples in the speech style guide will help me writing my content and adapt my own text parser. Right now, I’m inserting placeholders in the text, but I’d prefer to start following your pattern(s).

Great if you would list some your initial SSA vocabulary (tags?) and any guidelines that we could at least work with.
I don’t care if the API doesn’t act on them or if the simulator simply outputs them int the text.
As I write, I’d like to imagine the expressions and mark them - I do some of that now, but as comments or SSML mark element.

best, Bob


It appears all of this is going to be handled later @bmulreni . Jibo Inc has not finished reviewing it themselves, so our assistance in this; though informative for them, will not effect the timeline they are working on. I had to stop pushing ahead once I understood I was moving faster than Jibo Inc can in addressing these things. My only advice is waiting and continuing the discussions here. However, they will eventually change it when they settle on a process, so working on it now is not very good use of any development time. In the mean time; anyone looking for Voice UX experiences and practice; Echo and Amazon Voice Services is a good working model to begin working with hardware now, as they have these elements together; without the challenges of video, animation, motion, or recognition. By the time your skills are written for AVS, you’ll be exactly where you need to be when Jibo is finished with the SDK, allowing you to transfer your VUX directly to Jibo and add the other SDK elements as they become available. This would be especially advisable if early developers do not get hardware to work on before release.


Can we get this cleared up Jibo Admin?

  1. IF Yes - We can continue working, as long as the Jibos are determined to be releasable to early developers by the end of this year.

  2. IF Jibo is still Not Sure or No, that’s not going to occur, a reorganization is required for most developers, based on the delays and should be addressed to be fair with developer’s time and commitments spent to date, with no return in sight.


Thanks @alfarmer I appreciate your advice! I’m looking into it, perhaps resolve some basic issues in my content authoring workflow.
best, Bob


@bmulreni for the time being I would use the positive, negative, and socio-communicative elements listed in the Semi-Speech Audio section of the Speech Design Guide as a list of the SSA sounds we plan to have in the near future. We may launch with a subset of those but they will be a good guide regarding what types of sounds will be available and how you might think of using them prior to their release.

For more details on how to handle this in the context of VUI etc. I would keep an eye on this thread and/or our release notes where we would announce further resources when we have them available.

@alfarmer regarding developers and hardware, as admin mentioned in this thread we are actively considering ways we can provide our developer community with access to the Jibo hardware. We will update that thread when we have more information.


Thank you @Admin.JiboSupport :slight_smile:
It is understandable that the answers would come later; I wanted to clarify my questions, given my personal considerations. I have bookmarked the threads to await the answers when they become available. Best regards.