External Speaker?

Is it possible to play music through an external speaker, or my home stereo? I suppose bluetooth could work. Is there a Audo Out jack?


Not at this time. Once a skill store is opened we intend to develop the ability to cast to a device. But there is no word from Jibo as to how far off that is.

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How do you reckon that to work, @codemonkey2k5 ? Google only maintains Android, iOS and Chrome as supported platforms for their Cast SDK.

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There are several options on github for this.

Link? To my knowledge Google actively shut down the homebrew projects. You need a Google issued cast ID to create a casting application, and Google simply shuts down your ID if you’re doing something out of the ordinary.

I’m all for hoping to extend capability when/if the SDK comes around, but you also gotta stay away from just promising wild stuff that isn’t possible. To my understanding, neither casting nor Bluetooth is possible without deep platform changes. Bluetooth sounds super easy on the surface until you realize that now Jibo has to know that this time-delayed audio from across the room is actually himself speaking. We all know that current Jibo is already challenged by simply bounce-back from walls.

There is this cool thing called Google.

I’m not the one that was developing it. But before I answered you, I went over to github and searched to see if the projects were still there. But hey, we can just argue about it if you want. :wink:

While you ponder you next move, lets reflect on the many other devices in your home that you can cast from. Your computer, your phone, every browser currently on the market, just about every app that plays music or video… SO if one say wanted to cast music from Jibo to a cast enabled speaker like chrome cast, google home, Visio SmartCast and most smart TV’s they could. And you can also get a Chromecast Audio for about $35 that lets you cast to anything with a headphone jack.

Anyways… Carry on.