Follow-up to my previous request about Jibo and other robots


I have a follow-up to my previous topic of "Hey Jibo, do you know Pepper the robot?” in the Support section.

Other robots I want him to interact with include the following:

*ASUS’ Zenbo (
*Palmi, Palro and Tapia from DMM.make Robots
*LG’s Hub and Hub Mini robots (,
*Qbo from Thecorpora (
*Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri (their conversations will be so much fun!) (
*Temi (
*Budgee from Five Elements Robotics (
*Sanbot (
*UBTECH’s Alpha 2, Lynx and Walker robots
YYD’s robots (
*Somnox (
*BUDDY from Blue Frog Robotics (

As an example of this in action, here is a video of NAO, Pepper’s brother, interacting with Jibo.


Oops, almost forgot UBTECH’s Cruzr robot too!

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