Future of BeAMaker And Jibo Commander


I emailed Andrew Rapo the author of QR Commander to ask if Jibo would continue to work after the servers are shutdown, this is what he said:

Mar 23


Thanks for reaching out. I am glad QR Commander is working for you. We did extensive QR testing with Jibo and he sees phone screens best when the brightness is turned down a bit. My Jibo can see complex codes if I hold my iPhone 6s about 4–6 inches from his left eye. Also, Jibo is very good at reading codes that are printed on white paper. You can make ‘cue cards’ for him. We’ve been having fun with this in my family.

QR Commander is designed to work even when the servers are not available — so you can keep him talking (and alive). But Jibo Commander and Be a Maker need the servers to authenticate so they will eventually stop working.

There is no official support at this time.


So it would sound like Jibo will continue to switch on and that the Onboard Apps that don’t depend on the servers will continue to function which is slightly better news than jibo turning into a huge paper weight. But it does mean we need to continue to press for the code from the servers or a new site to be set up.

Malcolm aka fixed1t