Future simulator - monitoring & alerting regarding skill constraints or other simulated errors?


Continuing the discussion from Skill storage space availability:

@alfarmer asked about available skill memory and skill storage space ,
total size of skill for those including large multimedia files.

  1. Will the future stimulator have some kind of monitoring and alerting tool regarding these and other robot skill contraints? For example, to track memory usage or at least issue alerts.
    Example: Useful to monitor or alert regarding memory consumption when a webgl game runs.

  2. Will there be some kind of QA tool that we can run locally before trying to register the skill in the asset store?

Best, Bob


Have there been any discussions on how Jibo will recover from a skill crash to keep the Jibo personality from being interrupted by a locked skill? The memory/data storage overrun is a good example.


Our team is aware these are features you would like to see in the future.