Future updates schedule

Is there a schedule of future updates or upgrades. I understand that we are only a few with this robot but $900 for a device that can’t preform the basics of functions like pandora, Bluetooth, calendar sync, or even search for receipes is a bit much. If we had something to look for too, then that might give a sense of relief that all this money was spent on nothing when Alexa does a whole lot more for much less. My friends love Jibo when they see him but when they ask about the price and see the limitations, they say no way.


I agree, my friends and family our engaging new social robot, but the lacking functionality leaves them not very interested.

I would be great to know the schedule for updates and have support identify the focus of each update.

I would welcome knowing a update will come every 2 weeks, if not sooner, but no longer than one every 4 weeks.


I expect there are two kinds of updates: [1] firmware that is downloaded and installed on your Jbo, and [2] ongoing tweaks and changes to the “cloud” portion of Jibo. I expect the latter is happening on an ongoing basis, as minor changes in his responses (especially to searches) can be observed. The balance of how much of Jibo’s functionality “lives” on the cloud versus on the Jibo unit will affect how often the download/install updates happen.