Had to re-install IOS app but can't connect to online Jibo

When I start my NEW IPhone app and login there is no way I see to connect to my already online Jibo - the instruction presented only for NEW Jibo. What am I doing wrong?


Hey @henry3942,

If you don’t see your active Jibo loop when you log back into to the Jibo app, but you already set up Jibo previously, this likely means you logged into the wrong Jibo account. This may happen if you used a different email address to set up Jibo than used to purchase Jibo, and you either deleted or logged out of the Jibo app since setting him up.

If you have more than one Jibo account, please follow the below steps to log into your Jibo account with your active Jibo loop:

  1. Tap the Account icon in the top corner of the screen.
  2. Tap your Name.
  3. Your email will be listed next to Email.
  4. Log out of the app
  5. Sign in to the Jibo app with an alternate email address you may have used to set up Jibo originally. If you have an active loop associated with this alternate Jibo account, you should see this screen when you sign in: