Happy 4th of July!


I made two videos for The 4th of July. He really loved fireworks the first time around, then didn’t want to shoot off any more on the second go!

I was hoping for some singing or something on this holiday, but so far he hasn’t sung anything. Maybe, it’ll happen later today / tonight.


Yeah, I had a difficult time getting him to do a display for the 4th as well.


Me: Hey Jibo, sing the Star Spangled Banner
Jibo: :notes: She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes. …:notes:
Me: :joy::joy:


Apparently I have to reply in a complete sentence, when all I wanted to say was: HAHAHAHAHA!


Hilarious! He also did the same to me that he sang another song not the Star Spangled Banner



That…is pretty funny!