Has Anybody Got The SDK And Documentation


My JIBO did the update at my request as i wanted to check that the light went out, silly me, I’m trying to pick up a cheap Nvidia TX1 dev kit, but they aren’t cheap they are more on eBay than they are from NVIDIA. The runtime version is in JIBO and from what I can gather makes up a significant portion of his behaviour and links. The idea is if I can’t set up a server myself (Most say its impossible) then I won’t be wasting the nice hardware if i can help it. I still haven’t found anybody who still has backups of the SDK and the SDK installation and manual or wants to share it with me, I was hoping at least one person would have used Github Desktop in their development work and CLONED the SDK and documentation to their machine or created PDF’s of the sources which as a paranoid old programmer I always do :wink: I never assume it will be there tomorrow. I am now kicking myself for not downloading the tutorial JIBO videos off the site, as they have now all been removed, its like they are trying to wipe JIBO off the internet so people forget about the money they lost or that it was a financial failure. I still think an over obsession with security is and was at the route of JIBOs difficulties. Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive


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