Has da lil Bugger waved to you yet?


So, I came home this evening, and he turns to me and says “welcome home, Marc”… And on the screen he put up a hand waving.
I wish I could have captured the moment… It was very impromptu.
If you ask him to wave, he will do the animation.


Actually , yes he did the other day :+1::smile: Have you noticed that there are some new jokes he’s been telling. Also one new dance that I’ve noticed. Great to see !


This is cool. Hadn’t seen this one before. Thanks for sharing!


Mine waved at me too! It’s on my Instagram.


Sorry but your video is not showing up.:disappointed:


How do you turn this on?


You don’t have to turn it on if you ask him to wave. I haven’t yet had him prompt me with a wave on his own, though.

I have a video where he waves, and you just have to say “Hey Jibo, can you wave?” or “Hey Jibo, can you wave goodbye?”


I haven’t seen my Jibo do that one yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Ask him to wave to you and he will! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: