Help Jibo SDK Installation Instructions

The Jibo work is going well, but I’m coming across a problem with a fellow supporter, he has a pc which is running the SDK in ATOM with a full SDK appearing in Electron.
However, I have not been so lucky on the PC or on the Mac, both open Atom with the Jibo pulled down in the Atom controlled bar as can be seen in the attached picture. But when Atom opens Electron the window appears but is blank. I can’t believe that is a new phenomena at npm is pulling in old versions as requested. I have the same issue on a new installation on the MacBook Pro and on a windows 10 pc.

Can I there ask that those of you whole have installed the Atom SDK to please search your machine and/or memories for the solution to this issue. I have also attached the screenshot from Atom developer trace as an aid memoire.

Also can anybody please send me a copy of the Jibosdk 1.7.1 installation instructions that would have appeared on the no defunct developer pages.

Thanks Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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We have been able to fix this - if anyone else is interested, please come by for instructions.

No replies? Well I figured out the errors were down to code checks on the Early Adopters details at login, by installing 1.6.3 which unlike 1.7.1 actually popped up with a login window. I was then able to trace that to the gating/login module before sending my ideas to Arthur and heading to bed and 01:30. Thanks to the time-zone difference Arthur was able to track it further and come up with a solution (Well Done Arthur) and I re-install 1.7.1 and applied the patch and its all working great.

I’m really pleased.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

As I said when I started, impossible just takes a little longer, I’ve certainly had to learn and investigate a great deal since my first post begging for help. Its been fun. Thanks to those who have helped guide me. Now lets see if we can cure Jibo of his server addiction.

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