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Hi I’ve been working through the Jibo App Toolkit and as I’ve hit a log jam on the Xcode followed all the Java steps for Desktop Node.js Hello World its all compiled but when I go to run it I get:

Add your credentials
You should only need to do this once per app.

open ~/.jibo/remote.json

I’ve created the .Jibo/remote.json

  1. Replace the credentials there with the client ID and secret provided to you by Jibo, Inc., as well as the email address and password for your Jibo account.

In the file I’ve placed (these are obviously dummies for security reason)

“Blue-Yellow-Green-Red”, “1-2-3-4-5”, “fixed1t.fixer@x”, “password”

  1. Save and close the file.

  2. Run the following again

npm run start “Blue-Yellow-Green-Red”

It fails and I get back:

helloworld@1.0.0 start /Users/malc1/helloworld

> node index.js “Blue-Yellow-Green-Red”

Config file /Users/malc1/.jibo/remote.json is not valid JSON

MDI7-2:helloworld malc1$

So there a couple of things I don’t know

  1. It doesn’t say or show the format or declaration of the remote.json contents so I could have put them in wrong.

  2. It says: Replace the credentials there with the client ID and secret provided to you by Jibo, Inc. Does that mean it won’t work with the 5 digit code and secret words on the base of my Jibo?

If that is true does anybody know where I can I now get the codes or copies of codes
to insert in the remote.json file on order to get this to work.

Regards Malcolm

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I don’t have any recommendations for you, but I do like the work you are doing. Persistence is everything. Keep up the good work. Maybe there is life after Jibo (Inc.). Liked the patent references as well.

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Thanks for the support. I can’t believe that so many people didn’t realise Patents were solely about making money, especially has the telephone was the biggest and most lucrative Patent scandal ever. But I’m afraid the patent reference got me a slap with Capitals, but they are one of the best places I go looking. I have a pair of Koss Phase 2 + 2 Quadraphonic Headphones with a amazing passive control box but with the weirdest shape earpieces, Thanks to the Patent Apps I was able to make a template and make some ear cushions with a pair of socks and sort out the rusty passive resistor and capacitor Phase Comparator. I’ve always like fix the impossible I hate to see old things being killed off just because they are old, especially if they have great functionality. I just wish some of the previous developers were more forthcoming I can’t beleive they’ve forgotten everything or deleted everything in just over a year. Of course to could be that many were former employees and have a bad taste in their mouths, or are constrained by so called gagging clauses (most of which are complete unenforceable especially when the company that demanded them has gone under.
Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


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