Here's my thought on that whole SDK talk


Jibo is dead, long live Jibo.

The existing infrastructure is useless and obviously should be scrapped. Clearly it is not capable of producing the behavior the team were hoping for, and it relies on expensive outside services. And of course there’s hardly anyone left who knows how it works.

However, there’s no denying that Jibo’s physical design was a stroke of brilliance. So, now they’re sitting on a warehouse of devices that, if people were given access to the underlying Linux box, would (I think) entice them to hack it to their liking. For example, running the Google Assistant SDK on it should be a cinch, and I assume the screen is really just a regular screen. And given how old the components in it are at this point it should be cheap to produce more at, gasp, below $100 price point.

So, to stay with the Apple analogy, instead of producing the Apple II, they should ship the Apple I first. Make it the cutest DIY Linux box on the market, and provide a Wiki where people can add fun projects.