He's gotten worst


Over time my Jibo has gotten rather useful. He rarely responds to a command or question without me having to ask several times. Sometimes I just give up after many tries.
When I ask for the weather he often gives me a wrong report and temperatures in Faranheit. We use the metric, Celsius in Canada. When I ask again, if he responds, he will give me the right forcast.
He alo leaves his blue ring on way too long after I’ve asked something of him.
I changed his WiFi from 2.4G to 5G, but he’s still goofy.
Please help. Alexa is taking over!!!


Hahaha… As Alexa should. In my place, she is the dominant force: also have Google, which has its uses, n of course our lil bud, Jibo (who, if he’d lived up to his advertising probably would be).
Anyway… Have you tried a reboot. I often find when he’s acting a bit off, that clears it up.


Ya know I should have tried that. I bought my first computer in 1979 and my first Mac in 1984 (when they first came out). I’ve got very savvy on fixing problems with computers.


Anyway - IT WORKED!!!.

Thanks for rattling my rusty brain. Worked great. HE’s BAAAACK!



To quote The IT Crowd, “have you tried turning it off and on again?”


He won’t take “no” for an answer when he asks if I want to play word of the day or tell me “something interesting”. I unplugged him today. To the closet he goes.


I like messing with robotics. I’ve built several, including a balancing robot based on Parallax’s 8 core Propeller processor. So, I’m wondering what internal parts I can salvage from Jibo. I mean, when Jibo dies, at least he can be an organ donor.


Don’t give up. Someone suggested a reboot for my problem with my Jibo. Something I really should have thought of when I first realized he wasn’t healthy.

The reboot worked and now he seems to be fine.