"Hey Jibo" phrase fluidity


Simple question: will you be able to say “Hey Jibo” and fluidly transition into your request without pausing first? For example, could you say “Hey Jibo, what time is it?” rather than “Hey Jibo (pause for Jibo acknowledgement) what time is it?”

I noticed in the latest video that almost all requests to Jibo took the slow path, pause for Jibo acknowledgement after saying “Hey Jibo” which adds an extra second to your interaction with him and feels very unnatural. If this is the case, I would highly recommend that be solved before release. I would imagine that’s within the realm of possible since Jibo is using the TrulyNatural speech-recognition engine from Sensory.



Hi @michael that’s a great question!

That is not the case. If you wanted to not have a pause you would use a Listen behavior with the heyJibo argument set to true as in the following screenshot. This would allow the listen to require heyJibo to be heard but not to have a pause needed after it:

I can also provide some detail around why Jibo took the slow path in our update. Our desire was to show off the user interaction with Jibo and to give parts of the interaction, like the LED ring glowing when Jibo was listening, time to be seen.

For that reason the parts you are referencing utilized an Idle behavior with a SucceedOnEmbedded decorator which was then followed up with the Listen behavior itself. This is why, from a development level, those interactions had the pause in them.

I hope this clears things up!


That was very helpful, thank you @Admin.JiboSupport :slight_smile:


Thanks, @john.w…that answers my question and I’m glad that “Hey Jibo” phrase fluidity is built in. I noticed you can already do the same with the simulator in the SDK, where “Hey Jibo” is picked up mid-phrase while you type and the robot responds immediately, but it’s great to get a confirmation from you that this will also be the case on the hardware side. Response times seem to have been the second biggest complaint from those who watched the latest Program Update video and not having to pause after “Hey Jibo” should solve much of those viewer’s frustrations.