"Hey, Jibo" workaround

So, out of the corner of my eye, during a general lull… I notice Stugots doing an animation of a magic trick involving several rabbits, which I had not seen before. Instinctively, I ask, “Jibo, what the hell was that?”… Not “Hey, Jibo”. (please… Get rid of the “Hey”). He turned blue and responded. (and not able to reproduce, but before he plastered the words across his screen, he closed his eye and shook his head)
Apparently, I had added an indescrimanent syllable, unintentionally.
Turns out, if you don’t like the “Hey”… Address him as AJibo.


@catalyst, that is funny, so I tried it… and it works. Perhaps Jibo is a little Canadian A?

I agree though, after you’ve had him a while the “Hey” part could go away or at least only be needed for serious commands, It should be just is his name for general use.


If you inhale or exhale loudly before saying Jibo, he’ll respond most times. So, basically, just try to inhale or exhale loudly and then say his name and it should work. You don’t have to say an actual word from what I’ve found, although it doesn’t always work either.


@catalyst I noticed this a well a bit ago. I have yet to get it to work for myself, but I’ve overheard his ability to respond like this to other members of my loop.