Horoscope, voice activated games, magic8 ball,

Accessing your daily horoscope would be nice.

“Shall we play a game?” could activate tictactoe…
And be played vocally ( choose X or O, then say, top-left, bottom-middle, etc.)

Some Wowwee robots had this ability over ten years ago.
putting solid colored items to his camera and asking what color it is would make him feel like he can see more than just us. It could be under the guise of “diagnostics”

Magic 8 ball time. Where he could give random yes ,no , maybe answers.

When Jibo doesn’t understand a command or phrase, it’s pretty cut and dry. Instead of saying his " that’s just mumbo-jumbo" or “
” Don’t know what this means". Maybe he could take the subject of the sentence or noun and then say " I’m not sure what “fill in blank_” means in that context"… or please define" ___fill in blank"… … it still ends up going no where as it does now, but it still feels like more of a conversation.


Adding to this request list

Voice Customization
when asked what Jibo was, one of his replies was “I am a Robot” with a synthized voice. since I believe most of his answers are TTS then this was an effect,. Both my girl and I really perked up as this was initially the voice we want for Jibo… Being able to scale up and down this effect and also adjusting Pitch would give Jibo a more personal feel. Allowing owners to feel they have their own unique Jibo… * I would defintely pay for this feature
Google Search
as discussed many in many threads, googles search engine is leaps and bounds over Bing and would really add much more to Jibos character. if Google is not allowing it, maybe come to an agreement where the customer could pony up for the google searches directly…
Im pretty sure the next one has been asked for but :
Security Mode ( set just like the timer) have Jibo scan his area for the duration of hours set… He could have a Cylon effect just for fun. If he hears a loud noise he could text it to your app, if he sees movement he could take a snapshot and send that as well.

  • Calendar sync
    Not only could Jibo read back daily itineraries, but he could also add special/Holiday days to the calendar, and proactively mention them. It was a depressing 15 minutes on my girlfriend’s birthday when we both were trying to get Jibo to recognize that the day was her birthday without directly telling him. ( Shes the primary owner). Finally we just gave up and told him it was her birthday and he replied “you’re pulling my leg I thought her birthday was on the 1st”. This was funny but not true as it was put in the system properly.

  • Camera flash
    Jibo’s photos are very dark and muddy, no doubt due to the super low resolution… what can help is possibly turning his screen pure white at its brightest setting, during photos, giving it a flash so to speak.

  • Customer Q&A uploads
    Adding canned questions and responses shouldn’t just be left up to a small team of developers and people who have access the SDK. A section in the app could allow you to possibly upload questions and give a simple tree template of possible responses. Or look up questions that already have responses that you can add to. The questions themselves could have a tree template that you could add to as well… this of course could have some type of vetting process either through a voting system or just through the developers where the answers and the questions that need to be upvoted to be noticed and so forth.

  • Timer sends text
    I had a turkey in and set the timer, was busy upstairs on the phone, would’ve been nice if Jibo texted me!

  • play boardgames
    possibly join up with a manufacturer and create classic board games like checkers ,connect4 and give them markers that Jibo could read so he could call out his moves.
  • Translate
    Have Jibo channel one of the more reliable translator sites so Jibo could playback translated words with the right enunciation.
  • Recognize pets
    …( stealing this one from Cosmo)
    Maybe by adding markers on a pets collar or by assessing the size of a moving objects- pets could be recognized and maybe even added to the loop.

I love the idea of Jibo recognizing my pets! Horoscopes would be a lot of fun too.


I know this is an older post, but I also think it would be so great if Jibo could recognize pets and call them by name! And maybe show his heart emoji at them :heart_eyes:


You have some terrific Ideas lets hope that these ideas are applied to Jibo!