How to get Jibo's current Lookat/orientation target value?


I wonder if there is a way to get access to Jibo’s current lookat target. Right now, we can set the lookat target for Jibo, but it would also be useful to access the target value at any given time. Thanks.


If you are looking to access the data for the positioning of a target/entity that Jibo is looking at then you will likely want to take a look at the motionData item under the Members section of our LPS docs here.

As seen there, that returns the full state of the Jibo’s local perceptual space. You could use that to access more specific information.

As an example I edited one of the behaviors in our sample code so that Jibo follows a target added in the LPS section of the simulator. That example can be seen here: (2.5 KB)

After “hey Jibo” is said an ExecuteScript behavior executes the following code:


That would log the x,y,z values of the tracked targets position when “hey Jibo” is said.

I hope that is helpful!