How to incorporate specific actions in Be a maker app

I’m not sure if I’ In the right category but I have a question on Be a maker app.
In Be a maker app, is there a way to use variable to incorporate Jibo to perform a dice roll?
For example, I already setup variables for the condition to ask me if the outcome (dice roll) is higher or lower. However, I don’t know how to make him perform dice roll on the screen.

.I tried to incorporate a dice roll action in my Be a maker project…but not sure if it’s possible
Thank you all in advance!

***Note: The respond from support did not help with the issue…
What I tried to accomplish is not what support thought what I tried to do…please reread the question

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Hi @Cutiegifts,

I put together a quick example for how to incorporate variables into your Be A Maker project and how to have Jibo say this variable out loud.

To set a variable to a random number, you need to combine a set data block with a pick random operator block. To have Jibo say the variable out loud, you need to use a say block with a join operator block with the variable x data block to change the variable data type from an integer into a text string that Jibo can use to say it out loud. I also added two additional say blocks at the beginning and the end of the script as milestones or logs so I can tell where Jibo is when running the code. You can learn more about specific blocks from the Be A Maker support site:

UPDATE: When handling user speech input and variables, use an ask block, then you can use an If then event block along with the () = () operator, last answer action, and variable x data blocks to evaluate how Jibo should respond. Check out the updated example below:

Happy Making! :jibo:


@Cutiegifts Thank you for clarifying your question. Currently, you can display pre-defined emojis on Jibo’s screen through the emoji () animation block drop down menus. At this time, displaying custom text on Jibo’s screen or dice roll screen animations are not currently included. We will make sure to pass this along to our team to see if it is something that can be included in future updates.