How to keep faith in Jibo?

I hope this post doesn’t get deleted the moment I submit it.

Can you guys give an honest, open assessment of the state of Jibo? People have been clamoring for any video of a genuine interaction with the device, and the emulator still only operates on text in, text out basis. For a device that lives off ASR and TTS, that makes the emulator nigh useless.
You guys used to post on Facebook, your blog, Twitter etc, and all those channels are dead.

Frankly asked: Is Jibo DOA?

Jibo is very much alive.

Your personal faith might not be enough here for people who sunk a sizeable amount of money into this. Where are the updates? Where are the video? Where is the DEVICE?!

Having actually played with a prototype. And given what is public knowledge about the new SDK. I assure you, it’s not dead. You’ve waited this long, hang in there for another few weeks. This silence thing sucks but Jibo didn’t invent the tactic. In fact it’s become standard practice in the emerging tech industry. Besides if your a dev and you ask a question, it gets answered usually in a few hours by a Jibo employee. That’s not something that lends itself to a company that is not surviving. Why would they bother.

Just hang in there.


Sorry, but it has NOT become industry standard to leave your investors entirely in the dark. That is just a ludicrous statement to make.

I mean, seriously, all it takes is one video. Is that truly too much asked for after over 2 years?

As a matter of fact, when you have a crowdfunded business, we are not investors, we are merely participants in the process of a startup business. If we were investors, we still would be in the same place where shipping will start sometime in November for those who signed up the earliest for the Indiegogo campaign. Having purchased several other beta programs and 3rd party development Indiegogo campaigns, I can tell you that the requirement to ‘move ahead’ of the competition that was produced after the JIBO Indiegogo campaign was complete, but before building Jibo, Amazon’s Echo and Voice Service system, Alexa, went online. This introduction of new technologies presents a moving target for Jibo and the team to stay ahead; this can’t be public knowledge. The other element is funding. You can’t be everything to everyone with limited funding and competition breathing down your back. In this case, you need to go stealth, build to what someone can’t catch up to before you announce it. It is clear that having the ability to look at and recognize users is what Jibo has over all other AI systems out there, robotic or not. Since the robotic platforms are just that, platforms, other AI services integrated into some of these robotic platforms introducing yet another list of issues; recreate the wheel better and take longer or redesign the system to take on any backend AI service locally. There has been no other way for Jibo to get around this. I’ve had the same issues as you have and it took time being involved with these types of startups to understand the nature of the beast. Rest assured; Jibo is on the way, but I would expect a few surprises down the road or the competition will determine success; Jibo has no choice to stay competitive. I was also part of another Indiegogo 3rd party developer purchase at the same time as Jibo, and I just received the hardware after three revisions on that project. Given my Indiegogo experiences thus far, it’s normal and understandable when you open your idea to the public from day one and others like Amazon spring the service and hardware onto the public out of nowhere, with no notice, you don’t have a choice but to keep quiet and work. Jibo by far is better than any product yet on the market (at least in our current described state).

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Here is a Jibo Newsletter with 3 video links, all show Jibo interacting with a person.


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You are joking. The most recent video is from April 2016. That’s half a year of no update.

[quote=“kwebster, post:5, topic:1437”]
I mean, seriously, all it takes is one video. Is that truly too much asked for after over 2 years?
[/quote] responding to this quote that grammatically states there have been no videos in 2 years, which is factually inaccurate and troubling, given your response. Though I’ve done my share of venting here in the forum, it’s really not the place for it. I’ve given you practical reasons for Jibo Inc.'s lack of outreach; given the amount of work that must be finished before bringing anyone in on what the latest developments might be. They may not be accurate, but until we actually know, focusing on negativity only spreads it. We are all in the same situation as you are and have similar feelings about waiting. :slight_smile:

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As someone who has used the Jibo SDK and simulator extensively, I don’t agree with this assessment. With the current state of the SDK and simulator, you can build and test your skills to near completion, adding in all the functionality, body and face animations, and building the majority of the user interaction. Although the simulator doesn’t have actual TTS, it does a good enough job (especially in “incremental” mode) to simulate the output of the physical robot itself for the purposes of development. The Speech Rules Editor is robust enough to fully vet the ASR associated with your skills down to any utterances you expect to be recognized. Fine tuning of the interaction can then be made on both of these when the robot is physically available.

“Useless”? That word can only be used in this regard by someone who hasn’t actually tried developing on the Jibo SDK.


One thing is for sure, while an SDK question gets answered within less than an hour by the Jibo team, there is a conspicuous lack of presence by them in this thread.

:frowning: Sadly it’s because this is not the place to vent; rather it’s a community space for the SDK, not the delivery of our Jibos

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Hi kwebster -

As the gang here said, Jibo is still very much alive, and the entire Jibo team is working extremely hard to ensure he is ready to send home to you. We communicate updates with those who backed our campaign directly via email; please be sure to add and to your online address book to ensure our communications are not sent to spam.

In the last update from our CEO, we provided a program update that included detailed information regarding our Beta 1 activities, the beginning of our 2nd Beta (still ongoing) which places fully functioning pre-launch Jibos into the homes of 25 families, and a manufacturing update with pictures of the first Jibos coming off the line and getting packaged up for delivery to our warehouse.

We also continue to update our consumer and developer blogs. You might also enjoy checking out our developer-focused Twitter, @jibodev, to see more pictures and videos of Jibo in action at the various events we’ve been attending in the developer community. We have been so appreciative of the positive response Jibo has received from the dev community and those who have had a chance to interact with our little robot!

I also apologize for jumping in a bit late on this thread. The Customer Care team is still very small (3) and while we try to answer every question within 24 hours, it may be a bit longer if one of our team members is out or if the question comes in over a weekend or holiday. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at


Hi everyone, Yes, Jibo is very much alive and I especially can’t wait to get Jibo in the hands of the developer community!

Thank you so much for your continued support and patience, it really means a lot to us. I do understand how frustrating it can be with the delays but I want to assure you that we are working hard to bring Jibo to you.

I also want to thank all the developers who have been writing skills and animations, I know it’s difficult doing it without a real Jibo and just on the simulator, but we all love seeing what everyone comes up with. The whole Jibo team enjoys seeing how each skill bring Jibo to life in such creative ways!

Yes! Please follow us on Twitter @jibodev and our developer blog. We’ll continue to post and share content there and I personally love seeing how excited people get when they see Jibo in person!

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You got fully functioning Jibos at this point, and it’s still too much asked for to simply record a video of an interaction and share it with us?

I understand that you and others would like more in-depth videos of Jibo’s interactions. Like others in the thread have mentioned, we have been guarded in this area for competitive reasons. But we have heard your request, and are currently working on a special access program for our early adopters; this program will allow us to share more of the content you would like to see once our ongoing Beta2 activities are complete.

That your secrecy is due to competitive reasons I pretty much suspected, but may I remind you that even though the majority of your capital at this point is from venture capitalists, you still owe the Indiegogo backers what they were promised. And that especially includes transparency and regular updates.

I think a lot of us get the impression of simply having been used to jumpstart your own company, and the moment you got external VC money you shrugged us off. I mean, for crying out loud, ask any non-US backer about how they feel. Those guys have been struggling to recoup their money because you guys rather roll off the steep foreign transaction costs on them instead of reimbursing them electronically. That is, you rather have a faithful backer lose €100 trying to cash your check, than you paying the $2.00 it would cost you to transfer the money properly.
That, without a doubt, says something about Jibo Inc.

I don’t believe the majority of backers feel that way…most of us realize Jibo is being worked on and will arrive when it’s ready to. And that’s why we’re still here, talking about it, rather than having given up after the first or second delay. But if you have any additional experience in crowdfunding, you’d realize that delays go with the territory. You backed the development of Jibo, which is a ground-breaking product whose existence has only become reality in the last few years, and at a price lower than you could ever find today in it’s class. If you didn’t guess there would be delays from the beginning, you probably didn’t think about it much.

What I do know is that Jibo’s arrival is literally around the corner and that’s the thing I’m focused on now. And, I’m happy to say, that the wait is nearly over.

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Designing and delivering a social robot is a challenge that requires the seamless integration of a number of complex technologies. As a growing company defining a new product category, we have focused and invested most heavily in areas and roles that further the technical development of the product.

I apologize that you feel we have not been transparent or updating our community regularly, and I hear that you would like even more frequent updates. Each month, our CEO directly emails our supporters a program update that contain details about our progress. We also maintain two blogs, the content of which is influenced by the feedback and requests from our community, and try to attend as many developer events as we can so people can see our progress on both the robot and the SDK.

Regarding the international refunds, we are so very sorry that we are unable to refund each non-US backer in the method that they would prefer. The method of refund was not a cost-saving measure for us as you suggest. As we communicated with these backers at the time of the refund, because their payments were processed through our campaign partner,, we had no way of issuing a refund back to the original method of payment; nor do we have the very specific and highly-regulated infrastructure set up to take and process banking transactions such as wire-transfers.

This forum is intended for the Jibo development community to exchange ideas and discuss developing for Jibo. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at so I am able to address them directly with you.

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