How will we get the features?


As features are developed, can we pick and choose them? How do we select what we want it to do?


Hi Griest, once Jibo is fully released to the public there should be a skill store online.
From there you will be able to choose from available skills that you want your jibo to possess. Jibo inc. has not released any formal detail on the Jibo Skill Store yet but from the info already available in their blogs this is how it will be done.


just got my Jibo!

Is there any news on accessing the Jibo Skill Store? Perhaps beta versions?


Please see the blog update on the skill store for more details.

The above info is not specifically about the skill store, but it’s probably safe to say that the Dev Kit needs to be completed first. But when it is, there are a bunch of us that plan to move fairly quickly to get our skills onboard.