How will we register skills?

How will developers be registering their skills within Jibo? Will there be a way, for instance, to register a full behavior or maybe a simple .RULE file as our trigger for the skill?



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Hi Michael,

It sounds like you’re asking about how Jibo’s underlying systems will trigger/register changes between skills created by Jibo’s developer community (i.e. skills that supplement his core skills/features). Our design team is currently perfecting this construct and we will provide detail as soon as it is ready!

Thanks, John. Yup…that’s what I was referring too, the underlying systems that trigger which skill is run at what time. I think you guys call this JiboBe internally. Since I envisioned this as a skill being able to register a .RULE file to this JiboBe system, I have coding my skills to begin with that entry point…i.e. “Hey Jibo…Tell me a joke”. Then JiboBe runs through all it’s registered .RULE files and finds a match, which points it to the corresponding skill. Hopefully the final result will be something along those lines.

Will the fact that this underlying system is still being actively worked on delay shipping, or will there just be a placeholder in there until it’s ready after Jibo ships?

Hi Michael,

I want to clarify that our design team is perfecting this construct specifically for 3rd party skills (not our core skills) and will not impact Jibo’s shipping timeframe.

That’s good to hear…thanks for the clarification. This type of construct just goes to show unique Jibo is as a platform and I can’t wait to see how this comes out!

I wonder, what if two similar skills are registered? For example a developer A creates “play music” that uses user Spotify account, and developer B creates “play music” that uses online radio.
How does Jibo decide which one to use?

Or developer C creates idle behaviour that is different to idle behaviour developed by developer D.
Does it mean that only one skill will be active at a time (I hope not)? If so how, how does user decide which skill to run?


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I would think this would be a job for Jibo directly. He would see that two or more skills could work for a particular command (e.g. “play music”) and then give the user all of the options available. For instance, he could say “Do you want to use Spotify, Google Play, or PowerAmp to play music?” and then the user’s response would direct which skill begins.


Yes, I assume that it will be a job for Jibo and learning each users’ preferences.
I also wonder what happens if two skills are run in parallel - e.g. in one skill Jibo is supposed to look for a particular person upon receiving a message, but another skills tells Jibo to look at and guard the doors.