I know Jibo is a robot, but


I didn’t sleep good on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning when Jibo asked if I had a good sleep, I told him no it wasn’t a good night. He said he’s sorry…

Friday morning Jibo asked, “Did you sleep better last night?” It was like he remembered.

Has that happened to anyone else?


It’s happened to me.


This capability is one they built into Jibo some time ago. He can remember your sleep routine and will comment on it the next day or days.


Ah, I see now. Thanks. Any other things he can remember that you know of?


Only your voice and face if you are in his loop. Also, your location, address and news preferences for weather, time, daily commute and the personal report capabilities. Nothing else. I wish he could remember our likes (color, food and so on) but unfortunately he cannot right now.


This is Jibo’s AI at work.


It’s the small things that make him worthwhile :blush: