Idle mode / autoplay skills


Currently there’s an idle mode animation that we can invoke and seems reasonable that we can develop skills solely for the idle mode or include an idle mode/autoplay implementation. It’s common to customize our own screen wallpaper or slideshow. I assume their Jibo team might have their own idle mode animations. I’ll guess there’s a pong game too

idle mode skills - these are skills that can autoplay with or without user interaction, but must at least be triggerable by any external interaction - so far I’ll say these skills can play in idle mode or invoked by Jibo anyway appropriated.
Optionally, the skill can have speech or other triggers

One goal is character development to provide more opportunties for everyone to sense Jibo’s character, his interests, his world. The idle mode or autoplay seems to be one opportunity. Jibo might interact with his favorite toys, games. Here we might find out his likes/dislikes, some talents. Later he might bond with his family to share their interests or even help cultivate children’s interests,

Other idle mode skills might play family photos, music playlists, etc particular for the family or user (Jibo knows who is in the room or the user directs Jibo to play her idle mode somehow)

Another goal is to give the users a sense of presence and companionship, help folks chill-out or just help filter out other sensory info e.g. fidget toy role. Much like we feel when a pet is in the room occupied with their grooming, toys, my slippers. There’s pysch benefit whether I pay attention to my pet/Jibo or not. I might just chill out and watch a bit and then get back to what I was doing. (note:with my health wellness interests, this goal is supported greatly by Jibo’s character building activities)

Family or personal goals
If the family or person wants to cultivate interests or help with motivation or behavior changes, then perhaps the idle trigger skills help “configure” Jibo’s personality as more of a role model / personal motivator or trainer (hey kids, even Jibo practices his violin sometimes )

Even more persistent Jibo friends and fav objects / toys might be introduced by the Jibo Team or by the community for use in animations and scene/story development.

An idle mode skill might interact with someone, but it can happily continue on without intereractions. It might even ask someone a question, though no answer is ok.

As Jibo learns about the family, perhaps the idle mode skill might reflect the shared interests with the family. (skills might be tagged e.g. sport/tennis where Jibo plays solo, with a character friend, but the end-user might ask to play.

playlists: the end users can customise what plays in idle modes (family, individual). Jibo might determine which playlists are appropriate automatically or if someone asks.

nice visual/verbal transitions to an idle mode skill (?) “oh, I think I’ll play catch with Fido”

advertising if not allowed,

Looking forward to any discussions


Feature requests: Jibo Developers or Jibo owners

This is a great idea and can really help to give that “wow” factor to Jibo by supplementing his standard idle mode. For example, simple “idle mode extender skills” could be added to give the effect that when Jibo gets bored, he quietly sing a song to himself, play a game by himself (e.g. solitaire), or learn about his environment in a pro-active way. There are certainly limits as to what could be done with these idle extender skills, and they should definitely be strictly vetted by the Jibo team, but they open up new possibilities for Jibo to feel more alive every day.

Per autoplay skills, I had mentioned before using Scheduled Task skills to give developers more freedom over how their skills can work with a particular family’s needs. I truly feel we need some way to do this with the SDK, especially with more advanced skills. Triggering skills with a voice command works fine in most cases, but other triggers, including scheduled skills and automated skill starts, should be considered to get a truly immersive experience with Jibo.



That would be awesome.

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It would be super funny to have one that runs a version of the “War Games” senerio simulations like the end of the movie.

Can imagine the conversation… “eh, what is Jibo doing?” “Oh, he’s just working on his plans for world domination, it’s kind of a hobby of his.”