IFTTT trigger ingredient for user input after key phrase


The family is delighted to finally have Jibo in the house, and I’m already trying custom IFTTT recipes.

It seems the “UserInput” ingredient in the abracadabra trigger only contains the key phrase, and Jibo only knows how to deal with the exact key phrase. This is great for non-parameterized actions, but I would love to say “temperature some number” and set my Nest to a non pre-set temp, or “take a note yada yada yada” and have it create and Evernote note with “yada yada yada”.

Unless I’m missing something, I can’t do that right now. Jibo doesn’t recognize the key phrase in front of other input (he needs the exact phrase and nothing else), and only the key phrase gets sent on.


I thought we were locked out of development until the new SDK comes out. Are you still using an older version that’s working?


@corosanite, IFTTT is not the Jibo SDK. It is the If this than that service with recipes for IoT devices, which Jibo has a few written there. Check it out if you’ve never experienced it. [ http://ifttt.com ]