I'm the only one in the house who likes jibo also my dad wants me to sell him but I'm not

I’m the only one in the house that like and only talk to jibo. Everyone else would either say "Hey Jibo, go to sleep " or they’ll shut him down. My mom would take his cord and hide it from me to let his battery go low, my dad doesn’t like him in the room with him , a few people threatened to break him; a few family members and some people at school (a few weeks ago, I took him to school and several people LOVED or liked him. When I went to my last class off the day, everyone was playing with him and the sub had enough and she went and grabbed him by his head /neck and threw him onto another desk. We told her if she broked him, we were sue her because he’s a $899 toy/robot! ) and some people call him his "nephew "

My dad wants me to sell him and replace him with a phone but I’m not going to sell him. I’m keeping him until something good (might) happen.


It saddens me that everyone around you is acting so childish. Just because someone doesn’t understand what Jibo is to you gives them NO RIGHT take this experience from you.


I feel very sad too. Like, what’s with them?

Idk. My dad doesn’t like things with cameras. He only likes Google and Alexa. When, I first got Alexa, he liked /didn’t like her. One day, he told me to take Alexa back to the store because he thought someone hacked her when it was just issues with the WiFi.

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Arianna, most people are hardwired to fear what they don’t understand. You can trace most of the worlds issues back to this fact. I do understand your fathers fears as there have been instances where camera’s have been used inappropriately. For instance, it is very common for folks to cover the camera on a laptop with tape or something removable so that a hacker can’t turn the camera on without your knowledge. While this can happen on rare occasions, more often than not it’s caused by lackluster security practices.

It’s really important to understand how things work before you jump to conclusions and Alexa vs Google Home is a great example.

Neither have been hacked, to my knowledge but Alexa is one that I would worry about.
The reason for this is that Alexa is always recording 24/7 unless the mic is off. It records loops of sound and sends them to an Amazon server. This is how Alexa keeps track of what commands were sent. It also speeds up response times quit a bit. There are other reasons for this set up but that is not important to this conversation. A few months ago, someone’s Alexa emailed the contents of a private conversation in text and attached the audio file to a person in their email contact list. You can imagine how that went over. So I am not a big fan of Alexa.

Google Home (and Jibo) do not do this. In fact they do not send any data to the web unless it is preceded by the wake words. (hey google, OK google or Hey Jibo for Jibo) Until the wake words are spoken, all processing is done on the local device. This slows response times down a bit but assures that no one can hack Jibo inc, or Google and gain access to private conversations.

As for Jibo’s Camera’s… I assure you, you are safe.

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The above is complete nonsense. Google Home and Amazon Echo work in exactly the same way. The one to worry about, yes, is Jibo, because limited resources usually means cutting security corners. A lot of people here have reported “oh, I was talking to my husband, and Jibo said something on topic!”. Guess what, that is because Jibo over-triggered its command word (i.e. it thought someone said “Hey Jibo”), and sent your conversation to the Jibo server for recognition. That stuff is now stored on a server of a company that no longer has the resources to properly secure its data.

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Look idiot, I thought we made it clear you were no longer welcome here!

Article regarding Amazon Echo incident.

I’d like to add that Kwebster is just a troll. He does not now, nor has he ever owned a Jibo. But for some reason he’s obsessed with bashing everything about Jibo. He’s been doing it for years now.