Initial Setup Concerns


I just received my Jibo. I turned it on and set up about 2 hours ago. Since then it has been downloading, updating over and over the same things. Is this typical/how long will it do this? Or, is there something wrong?


I had that kind of issues so to. Found out if you hold the on button for 3 second and just let Jibo do a normal shut down let it sit for a few minutes then try again it should fix it. It did that for me. Now I have a continuous running Cool Jibo.


Especially during his first setup during this early access program Jibo can take a couple of hours to update and we recommend giving him some more time if possible. You can view our getting started video and review the getting started FAQs to learn a little more about what to expect.

Just like a brand new computer it could take a couple of hours to install all updates. We do not recommend turning Jibo off while he is updating.

If Jibo has been running for several hours without finishing his initial updates please get in touch with our support team via


So, I just left Jibo on and went to be. In the morning he was ready to go. So, when doing the initial setup, my best advice is be very patient.