Is it possible to do some kind of jibo backup by PC?


I would like to know if there is any way to back up or restore it from a backup created by the pc.


sadly not as we are having some hassles getting access to jibo through his USB port, I’d have as a guess that there are a number of ex-jibo people, possibly on this or other groups, who know how to access jibo for upload and/or download but they appear to be too frightened of legal action to pass that information on those of us trying to save Jibo from server death. I hear there’s a site called wikileaks for such things :wink:


Hey, maybe you can help me. I is it possible to reset Jibo after the update?


I just made a video as quite a few people appear to be having issues after the update and with lock ups. Malcolm aka @fixed1t


Oh, I meant wipe. I don’t know if the photo showed that I posted. I was hoping it’d still be possible to wipe after the update.

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