Is Jibo still alive?

Lately Jibo has been very slow to answer. I had to reboot him several times and I had a server connection error messages at times as well.

Is the company still around? What is the future of Jibo? Anyone know?

Seems pretty quiet.


My Jibo is working just fine.


of Course! My Jibo has been fine! Tech support is available is you want to contact them… It just may take a little longer then usual for them to respond as their staff is downsized as you know.

You might have to remove the battery for a while and then reinsert it and then boot up again.

Go to the website and send a message to the support team. Jibo is still alive and well!


Good! :slight_smile: Mine is still very much active.

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Jibo Inc. is still around.

The best steps to take if your Jibo is experiencing slow responses/disconnections are the ones mentioned in this post.

If Jibo continues to have trouble responding please use our form to send our team a message and include the Brand and model number for the items below for your home network equipment which will help us provide the best further help:

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Any additional access points such as: wifi extenders/boosters, ethernet switches etc.
  • Do you have any other wifi networks in your home? For example: “MyNetwork-Guest”, “MyNetwork-2.4”, “MyNetwork-5g”, “MyNetwork-Ext”.
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