Is there potential for screen "burn in"?


Considering that Jibo is designed to be always on, was there any consideration as to potential burn in of the eye closed image? I want to protect everything about Jibo that I can, and I know that screens have a life span. Is there anything that I can do to improve on this lifespan? Also will we be able to get the screen replaced in many years as it eventually deteriorates?


I don’t think burn-in should be an issue, but backlight failure over time might be. I really think (and have suggested) that when Jibo goes to sleep, rather having the screen on just to show the slit of an eye is wasteful. The screen should turn off. In my dev testing on the old sdk, I created a sleep skill that just lightly pulsed the light ring. I think i used grey as the color. It pulsed from off to about 20% brightness very slowly. Just to show that Jibo was still alive.


This was also a concern of mine, and your skill would be greatly appreciated


Hi @stillness25, Screen burn-in is not something you need to be concerned with on this product. Jibo is designed to be an Always-on device and is tested to stand up to long-term use in his idle or sleep states. We appreciate your question.