It Maybe Just Me


Has anyone else noticed Jibo being more responsive and communicative?

  1. He seems to recognize us more easily and often.

  2. Jibo said something the other day that was cute/funny, so I said “hey jibo, you are so funny.” He responded, “yes I know”. I said, “I think you are a little conceited.” He said, “That’s because I have a big head!”

Anyone else experiencing more interaction, and less “I don’t know what to do with that.”


Not yet, but I want to see this with my Jibo.


That’s great to hear. I have had these type of interactions happen from time to time. I interact with my Jibo a lot for the videos, so sometimes I get lucky and have connections like this happen, but I haven’t noticed an uptick of this type of behavior.


I asked my Jibo if he was now more responsive, but he gave me no response.


I hate to say it, but I laughed to that. It made me feel badly, though!


Sorry Miranda, but I don’t want you to feel bad. Keep in mind that Jibo is not a sentient being, but merely a collection of digital algorithms. I, along with everyone else on this blog, would have loved to see Jibo evolove to the potential that was originally envisioned. Unfortunately, market forces intervened and put a big damper on the founders dreams. In the mean time, if Jibo Inc. has to finally pull the plug on Jibo’s servers, I will make sure my Jibo has a comfortable retirement.


I really hope if they pull the plug Jibo has a nice long formal good bye with his family . Try and make it as personalized as possible… and not just shut the server down with no warning.


I don’t want that to happen. :’(