Its only fair to publish the new sdk in progress


Backers spent 500 supporting the development in what was 3 years of waiting. Having an old sdk that doesn’t work was a waste of time and capital. With the news of jibo inc closing, the sdk or internal technical documents on how it works should be shared so that those backers can make something worthwhile. I hope this happens and it doesn’t require something like a class action civil lawsuit to aquire this


It would be nice if SQN Venture Partners open-sourced the IP they acquired. However, not seeing it happening…



Right. Even though the company is folding that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t be civilly liable for damages. I feel it’s especially fraudulent to call the whole experience a software developer kit. Clearly they have been programming it… we should have access to what we’ve bought


I have been really wanting to mess with making the animations! Be A Maker doesn’t really allow this unfortunately… All we can do is hope…


I wonder what story they told to SQN. I have less hope now for an SDK considering who SQN is and what they do.

We can always hope, but I think it would be a long battle at this point