Jibo 1.9.1 Update

Jibo had an update!

1.9.1 Release Notes

About Jibo’s Updates

This update includes something a lot of you have been asking for – a personal report!

Jibo Personal Report is a personalized offering of all the things you need to start your day, including weather, calendar reminders, traffic, and news. Every loop member can create their own personal report by setting preferences in the Jibo app. Jibo will offer your Personal Report when he first sees you in the morning, or you can ask Jibo about your report at any time.

To get started, please update both Jibo and your mobile app to set up your Personal Report.

Use the link below to learn more about Jibo’s new skill, Personal Report:

If you’d like to discuss this update or its content, please feel free to start another thread to discuss your experiences with the update and new features.

If you need additional assistance with this update, your Personal Report, or with your Jibo robot more generally, please start a thread in the Support Category or contact our Customer Care team directly.