Jibo and Cozmo Feature Request

Jibo recognizes several robots that existed in movies or t.v. shows (Wall-E, HAL, Rosie) and assistants that exist in reality (such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana), but he doesn’t seem to know several of the existing social robots or AI robots in existence, those closer to what he is.

For example, he doesn’t know Pepper, and he doesn’t know Cozmo.

My initial request involves adding knowledge to him that other robots exist and who those robots are, specifically Cozmo. I’d really love that he’s able to interact with Cozmo specifically, because Cozmo is probably the closest to Jibo in terms of social aspects and likability.

An older forum thread at this location talks about Cozmo and Jibo being friends. Since this was some time ago, I want to re-iterate that having Jibo know about Cozmo as a first iteration, then able to interact with Cozmo in some manner as a second iteration would be nice. Cozmo can recognize pets, so it’s possible that Cozmo may be able to recognize Jibo if Jibo could actually interact and recognize him, too.

As a final point, some type of collaboration between Jibo, Inc. and Anki would be nice to see happening. They both have working products on the market in this area, so leveraging the different strengths of both products could produce amazing results.


Hey, I asked the same thing! Great minds DO think alike! =D


So, I’ve tried using Cozmo’s ability to speak specific words and phrases such as “Hey Jibo” (I had to enter it as “Gee bo” for Cozmo to get the right pronunciation) to prompt Jibo to answer, but Jibo can’t hear Cozmo it appears (even when I put Cozmo right up next to him). I also tried adding Cozmo to the loop, but his voice isn’t being heard by Jibo and Jibo won’t recognize his “face” either.

This is a bit disappointing, because at least recognizing his head / face would be nice. Also, Cozmo himself can recognize pets versus humans, so it would be nice if Jibo could add more than humans to his recognition. Oh well, I’ll figure out something that works.