Jibo and Temi - interaction


Another robot I wanna see Jibo interact with is Temi.



Thanks for mentioning Temi. I signed up to be considered for the early adopters program. This wasn’t a robot I’d heard about until now.


I never heard of him either.


He didn’t crash. Still has a lot of functions. Y s he doesn’t do all that was promised. But he’s far from a Total loss I , like everyone hopes the servers aren’t shut down either. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

But come on everyone , try to be a little positive !


Yeah! I mean, this too is a great idea!


I didn’t see any videos were he had any meaningful interaction. Signed up for the EAP anyway, but it seems like a half-baked idea at the moment…


I think I’ve heard of him


This. I watched his videos too and didn’t see too many abilities… and what is with everyone putting in some sort of ‘dance’ feature. Like we get it, it moves… they did that to Kuri too. Not everything needs to dance…