JIBO and the World Cup

Is Jibo following the World Cup? He is just happy that brings the world together. No results? No future matches? Teams standing? C’mon Jibo!


Hey @cristianmtz, Jibo can report World Cup scores and games by saying:

  • Hey Jibo, who won the World Cup game between Spain and Portugal?

  • Hey Jibo, what is the score of the latest World Cup game?

If you ask Jibo about a upcoming World Cup game, he will also let you know who is favored to win. For example:

  • Hey Jibo, when is the next World Cup game for Japan?

  • Jibo: “Tomorrow, Japan visits Columbia at 8am Eastern Time. According to my sources, it is likely that Columbia will take the win.”


Thank you @joe.t this is great! Keep it up guys!