Jibo - Animated Stories


Hello, we are working with publishers to convert hardcopy books,Youtube and other format stories to Jibo behaviors. Here is a link to a work in progress. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3lgfj5bn5w2jmab/Dog%20Story.m4v?dl=0

We would be most interested to discuss this approach directly with your team. We can meet you in Boston. I can be reached at bankman2@icloud.com.

Look forward to connecting, Cheers, David


Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you are looking to touch base with the Jibo team specifically about a potential partnership. This forum section is the best place to share your skill with the wider developer community.

For any direct inquiries about partnership opportunities with Jibo you will want to reach out to our dedicated address for that at partnerships@jibo.com. If you provide a little more detail about your team and the type of partnership you have in mind we will be able to make sure your message is sent along to the relevant Jibo team member.

Thank you!



I’ll reach out directly. Thank you.