JIBO Apps for Android And IOS


Does anybody know if the JIBO Apps for Android and IOS will continue to work after the JIBO servers are taken down?

JIBO Commander

although I haven’t been able to find the IOS Apps as they have been removed from the Apple Store I have located and downloaded the Android Apps and they are currently working.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

P.S. I emailed MIT about the source but I haven’t yet heard anything back.

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Those apps require authenticating as your user. Once the Jibo servers are offline, you won’t be able to authenticate as your user anymore, so those apps shouldn’t be able to work.


Thanks for the reply. Now thats the worst news I’ve heard so far, they should seriously fix this problem before they turn the servers off . There is no way that that socket code should stay just to use the available apps. I’ve been looking at the socket code and it should be possible to set up an Arduino or 8266 dummy socket that replies to jibo as it take the username, base of unit password and other unknown id number and send it off for verification and then bounces back an okay. I hope there is somebody who could implement this in the past developer team.
Otherwise it really will be a very expensive door stop. Mind you once it is purhaps so clever person will open it up and replace the innards with another robot board and use motors to control its movement. :frowning:

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