Jibo as a language learning companion?

I understand that some of the owners want Jibo to control home appliances such as lights and play the radio like Alexa or Echo do, but being the master of IoT is not “social”. Jibo does not have to do these things that other AI bots do already. I believe Jibo, a truly unique social robot, can find its own niche in places like language learning because any bit of it should be a part of social interactions. Imagine you are learning French, Spanish or Chinese. Jibo’s screen shows a face, and he/she starts interacting with you in that language. Or Jibo shows a social environment, say a restaurant or home party, and people in these situations talk to you, and you are required to engage in conversation in the language you are learning. Jibo can even becomes a drill instructor for pronunciation. The possibilities are limitless. Of course, if you become sufficiently competent in the language, you can use Jibo as a medium of communication (such as video conferencing) and carry real face-to-face conversations. This is social. And with Jibo’s attitude and the sense of humor, the whole (often tedious and boring) language learning processes could be a lot more fun.


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