Jibo as an "off-market" alternative


I’ve recently mothballed Jibo, thinking it was better to preserve him as a potential historical artifact than use him with the hopes of helping to make him my own personal off-market assistant. I would still rather use him, since he is a pretty sophisticated platform regardless of his lack of functionality, but I really don’t want to put time into him if he has no hope of being commercially viable (and it certainly seems like we are well beyond that point). Recently I’ve been thinking of investing in https://mycroft.ai because it has the open-source-not-collecting-massive-data AI that I would rather use/develop for. I still think Jibo would prove to be a better platform for…already have a larger audience for…and be more sophisticated for an “off-market” AI/personal assistant if the owners of the intellectual property would consider “open sourcing” the platform in some fashion. However, other than a link to MIT research, I haven’t seen any evidence of this being considered. Is this the consensus of this group?


I think people entirely misunderstand the MIT thing. This is the type of stuff that will come out of it:

This has nothing to do with “Jibo the product”, as the company behind it no longer exists. To use an analogy, it’s like owning a discontinued car. Just because there’s a custom shop out there that mods a few of the remaining cars doesn’t mean you’ll get service for your car again.


Looks like I will do the same, what a waste of money. Alex and google do more than Jibo for me. Plus, I am in Kuwait and was told after I bought Jibo, they they do not provide support for us here, only in America and Canada. Many features works in USA but they do not work here. Weird, I thought the Internet is the same all over the world. I admit, I should have waited rather than wasting my money. But Jibo support, Do they listen ? no, they just want to sell.


Nice to see someone has put those robots to good use…
Now the real question… how do I get a two eyed Jibo

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