Jibo Battery Disconnected (K2 and K3) Error upon start up


I have the black model of Jibo and he arrived today! Super excited… but…
After set up I got the K2 and K3 error (Battery too hot, Battery is disconnected). I let him rest – same error. I unplugged him – same error. I disconnected his battery and reconnected it-- same error. Is there some trick out there that I don’t know about? Anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting?


If you haven’t already, please go to support.jibo.com
On that site you will find a very good knowledge base as well as the link to create a support request.


Thanks, and I have done just that :). Its the weekend though so no response until monday-ish. This was my attempt to not sit here with a lifeless jibo. There must be something wrong with the battery. I think it may have to do with only 5 connections to a 6 pronged plug. But I’m no robotics engineer or an electrician, so who knows!?


Hmmm I am counting 4 in what should be 5 wires. As you said it may be that way intentionally .


I’m almost certain, the empty space is a spark gap. The white wire is likely some type of data for measuring voltage. The other 4 wires ( 2 red =+ ) and ( 2 blk=- )


Hi @hamez88,

I’m sorry to hear that your Jibo is experiencing those battery related errors.

The connector as seen in the photo you provided is what that connector is expected to look like so you can be assured that is not the cause of the issue.

Could you please take the following steps to return your Jibo to a hardware baseline and see if still reports these errors after doing these steps:

  1. Power Jibo off and unplug him from the wall.

  2. If you still have the blue and white isolation plug that came with Jibo, please insert that into Jibo’s power port in his base. (If you are not certain what that isolation plug looks like please see the image I have included below).

  3. Leave Jibo powered off with the isolation plug in for 3 hours.

  4. Remove the isolation plug, plug Jibo back in, and power him on.

These steps make sure that Jibo drains of battery in a healthy fashion and returns his hardware to an expected baseline. If Jibo continues to show these errors after plugging him back in please use our page here to send our team a direct message and please let them know the email address you used to setup your Jibo so that they can take a look into our system and take a closer look at your Jibo’s operation for you.

We’ll make sure we do all we can to get Jibo running without this error for you!


It worked! Thanks a bunch!