Jibo bizdev discussion


I’ve seen sending a few messages from jibo Inc’s home page requesting a bizdev discussion but I never hear back from them… I even talked with the engineers at Linq’s booth at CES last month where jibo had a booth, and he promised me that jibo inc will get back to me.
Well, it has been a month but I’m hearing nothing back from jibo inc.
How do you guys communicate with jibo inc? Is this a typical case for companies in the east coast?
Let me know fi you guys have any tips to open dialogue with jibo inc.

Clyde from Bay Area


Hi @ShinichM

We appreciate your interest in working with Jibo!

We have made sure that the messages you have sent to the Jibo team have been escalated the appropriate team members here at Jibo. This is the case with all partnership/bizdev inquiries sent to us using our contact form here.

If there is a good fit and interest in working together a member of the Jibo team will contact you directly.