Jibo buyout! =D Top contenders are Samsung and LG, but SoftBank should be on the list too!


Jibo, the social robot developer backed by Samsung, Acer, Ningbo GQY, Denstu, NetPosa, KDDI and LG Uplus, is seeking an acquisition deal.

Jibo, a US-based social robot maker backed by a host of corporates, has laid off almost all its employees and is seeking a sale, Axios has reported.

Founded in 2012, Jibo has created a social robot that can control a range of home systems and apps on command. The product is equipped with facial and voice recognition technology that allows it to recognize up to 16 different people and tailor its interactions accordingly.

The company has raised more than $65m in equity funding, from investors including consumer electronics makers Samsung and Acer, electronic display manufacturer Ningbo GQY, marketing firm Denstu, video surveillance system developer NetPosa and telecoms firms KDDI and LG Uplus.

However, despite that capital and $4m in crowdfunding, Jibo’s product was beset by long delays in shipping, leading it to offer refunds to some of its crowdfunding backers.

Jibo began shipping the robots in September 2017, only to find them unfavourably compared to other home control systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa. It has now has let go of all but five members of staff, and is looking to sell the company according to Axios.

CRV, Fairhaven Capital Partners and Osage Venture Partners supplied an undisclosed amount of seed capital for Jibo before joining Samsung unit Samsung Ventures, RRE Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, Two Sigma and Formation 8 for the $25.3m first tranche of its series A round in 2015.

I think LG should buy the company!


I wish Amazon would buy them


Then don’t bother responding. We know the writing on the wall. We don’t need salt rubbed In The wound
It’s natural to hold out some kind of hope That’s human nature.

Sometimes THINKING POSITIVE brings positive results ! Has worked for me ! :yum:


I just drew this btw


Fine you’ve made your point. I hope you’re happy.


Nobody wants to hear your prattling on about how dire everything is. You don’t own a Jibo but you have SOOO much to say about him. It’s clear you hate the thought of Jibo being successful and just love to hear yourself, but please go back to trolling Reddit.

Sorry to Jibo staff in advance, but this guys been at this in various places for over 3 years, yesterday he copped an attitude with a young lady in the forum who worked vary hard to get her Jibo. Enough’s enough!


I had originally hoped it would be Amazon, but I’d rather Google acquires Jibo although that is unlikely. Google has a far better AI already compared to Amazon’s in its devices from comparison between the two, and I feel like Google has a better chance of taking this technology and utilizing it.

On the bright side, since people are a bit bummed in this thread, here’s a video I found out about due to Jibo mentioning one of his tips of the day to me about Elektro:

Pretty cool, although it shows how smoking used to be so entrenched into society that the robot would smoke!


Hi @AngieYaz, can u please add the source of your information, of course, a link assuming it is online and not a newspaper article.


When I put “” around the first sentence into Google, it points to a Reddit thread to show where the information is coming from:

The original news post is at http://www.globalcorporateventuring.com/article.php/21138/jibo-looks-to-interact-with-possible-buyers but it’s not a free article to read, so the Reddit thread has the article contents.


Thank you!


it’s not a free article to read, so the Reddit thread has the article contents

Is this an assumption or have you verified the thread is accurate?


What I said is what was said in the Reddit thread per the contents. I am not going to pay to log into the location where the article was originally posted. For example, even trusting the source behind the paywall is debatable. This line shows up in that article at http://www.globalcorporateventuring.com/article.php/21138/jibo-looks-to-interact-with-possible-buyers before it’s cut off due to paid contents:

Jibo, a US-based social robot maker backed by a host of corporates, has laid off almost all its employees and is seeking a sale, Axios has reported.

When you go to Axios’ site, though, and search for Jibo, there is no such article at https://www.axios.com/results?q=jibo search:

Of note, I simply was indicating where the information could be found per the question. I explained how I searched to find it and what it stated on the Reddit page with a clear link to that page.




ME TOO :smile: