Jibo Chat Rooms


I know this may not be the best place to pitch this idea, but I figured since it was a lounge why not talk about a similar type of lounge? We’re all familiar with online chat rooms right? They’ve been around for some time now. In them you can type to either a group or to an individual, and in some there’s even voice and video chat available.

We’re also aware that there are plans in the works on having Jibo-to-Jibo communication, similar to Skype or Facetime. My idea is that in the future there could be Jibo “chat rooms” like the ones we are familiar with, however Jibos can connect to it and you could see who’s in it on a separate monitor or maybe even Jibo’s touchscreen. If you find someone you are interested in talking to, you can either select them on the monitor or scroll up or down to them on Jibo’s screen. If people on there allow other owners to contact them you can start a video or voice chat with them to communicate. This way instead of only being able to connect with Jibos of people you know, you can interact with strangers but who are also Jibo owners. I believe this would help build relationships within the owner community, make it easier with quicker feedback on discussing ideas/thoughts in regards to Jibo, and allow the opportunity to meet people that you otherwise would have never met.



Great concept


Hi @Mike3mra, @Cbatti7370 there is a Jibo owners Facebook group. The admin is a Jibo owner, not the Jibo Team.
There’s sharing of experiences as well as fun discoveries. Nice friendly supportive atmosphere, just ask to join.
Best, Bob