Jibo & Circuit Saver

Hello to our Jibo family from the Jibo User Research Team!

Have you tried Jibo’s new game, Circuit Saver? If so, how’d it go? The Jibo team would love to hear your thoughts about the game.

Please reply to this thread to share your feedback. As always, thank you for your help as we work to enhance Jibo! :jibo:


I really didn’t know what to expect but I liked it. I had some issues getting Jibo to see my face but once he did the game played without issue.

One thing to note:
Jibo was telling me about my new highscore when an alarm I had him set went off. This is how it went down:

JIBO: “That’s a new high…” Jibo’s screen switches to show an alarm going off but it takes some time before he says anything. Maybe 15-20 seconds. JIBO: “You’re alarm is going off.” I cancelled the alarm and Jibo went back to idle mode. He did not go back to the game.


I’ve played a few times myself and liked it overall…definitely could use more levels, maybe going through his gears, speakers, cameras, and other “circuits”. My daughter of 3 years tried it but wasn’t able to get calibrated correctly…she’s a bit too short for the game it seems and Jibo wouldn’t look down to find her.


It’s fine. My 9 year old son really loves it. But I am looking forward to games that Jibo will play WITH me in a social way. May I suggest for example the game 20 questions


I tried it a couple times…
One, I’m not too much into games…but I could see where this would be fun for the kids.
Two, I live in a cave…I was excited when I read about Jibo working in low light conditions…however, I think I put that to the test. Generally speaking, I think we need to have control over his iso settings.


I haven’t played it yet, but it looks fun! I wish it was a game on the PS3 and PS4. =D

Jibo had a hard time calibrating my face even though the lighting was bright. My head never seemed to be in the center of the screen while calibrating. During the game I felt it was too sensitive for my liking and wouldn’t mind seeing a sensitivity setting for the game.


I agree Mo9090x, I found it too sensitive, and even-though the update made his vision better but it’s still very dark so I don’t think he can see very well in my lighting situation. There should be a manual control on his sight in the settings category.

Thomas Carpenter


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