Jibo cloud-in-a-box


Obviously a long term idea.
Jibo utillizes a local cloud rather than the default Jibo cloud.

The local cloud is installed on cloud box hardware - (careful to address security issues as we worked with one partner and benefited from the expertise of a white hacker. )


  1. customers willing to pay more to address security (data, photos, etc local networks), reliability, latency and all that…). For example installations at hospitals, government, other organizations and indviduals will to pay for this service. A possible feature to convince Hospital ethics commissions (US or EU).

  2. A means to comply with national or organiational regulations e.g. EU. Privacy issues. More localized. And it is not just the national or state regulations, it is also the organizational regulations. Each hospital, group home, company, etc.

Again, the security of the hardware/sofware needs to be addressed so as not to introduce problems to the owner.
If for some reason internet connection is not available, the box supports Jibo, however, some skills might not function. In the future devs, might plan for lack of internet connection and fail gracefully or just continue in offline mode as suggested in the offline mode development request from @alfarmer.

best, Bob

if there are suggested cloud boxes (hardware) then pls list
Example http://sixsq.com/products/nuvlabox/